We interviewed Gasan Gasanov, Deputy Director of our company


We talked with Mr Hasan Hasanov, the Deputy Director of "Global Innovations" company and discussed his career in the "Epoint" project and the main features of attracting new employees.


1. You have long-term work experience in the "Azericard" processing centre and "The International Bank of Azerbaijan", can you explain the reason why you joined a new "startup" fintech company?

After leaving the corporate banking environment, my wife and I went into private business. But after 3-4 years, I realized that I miss the corporate bussines. I mentioned on Facebook that I am open to vacancies. Less than three hours later, Mr Zeynal (founder and director of Global Innovations) texted me and made an appointment. We met, he told me about the product and the idea - I immediately agreed. The next day I was already in the office and met the team. This is how my story in this "startup" began.


2. What are the positive aspects of working on this type of project?

The most attractive is a fast-growing "startup" with a young and cheerful team. There are many victories in a short period. There is an opportunity to achieve the new skills in an absolutely new type of bussines in the shortest possible time.


3. When attracting new employees to the "Global Innovations" company, what characteristics do you pay attention to?

I think "soft skills" are more important than "hard skills". The ability to work in a team and initiative is more important than professional skills.