About us

Epoint is a platform designed to provide e-commerce services.

Anyone can now accept payments online by submitting their products and services online.

Regardless of the bank, you can add a business card of any bank and start accepting funds.

Epoint is a product of Global Innovations LLC.

Our company specializes in technological solutions, business optimization systems, e-commerce and cashless payments. The company develops business and business process management systems to optimize the performance of small and medium businesses.

We give customers the opportunity to expand their business and optimize the company's costs.

Our advantages
Free connection
Register and receive payments immediately
Favorable tariffs & conditions
You can choose the tariffs that suit your budget and turnover. Take advantage of complex services. Try new opportunities to grow your business
24/7 support
Our professional team provides 24/7 service to your business
Detailed reporting
Learn more about your payments and your customers. Detailed reporting will support the growth of your business