Internal rules

The registrant guarantees that:

a) If the individual is a citizen of the Republic of Azerbaijan or has a permanent residence permit and is an adult.

The registrant is prohibited from:

a) To imitate someone;

b) Select a user name that would infringe the rights of others or offend other users;

c) To take any action that violates the rights of other persons or companies, the law or any contract or legal obligation that may apply to any party;

d) Distribute unwanted or unauthorized advertisements, advertisements, unwanted mail, spam or chain of letters; send mailings, lists or any automatic reply or spam through the Platform;

e) Disseminate software viruses or programs that interfere with the proper operation of any software or equipment on the Platform or (2) that interfere with the use of the Platform by any other user;

f) Prevent any actions taken by the Platform to ensure the security of the Platform and the Services, or attempts to gain unauthorized access to any system, information, password or other Platform, User Information or Services, reverse engineering to obtain any information or otherwise disable any part of the Services or use any program to access any part of the Platform without permission;

g) Use of any information or query on the Business Page to finance an offer, payment, promise of payment, confirmation of payment, payment of money or other value to a public official or employee, or any person under the control of a public authority or any political party, an official of a political party or any other person acting as an official in contravention of the anti-corruption requirements of the legislation in force, or to use funds received from the Business Page;

h) Start fund-raising, use the Business Page to disseminate information or use funds received from the Business Page for any person, representative or employee of the organization, designated as terrorist under the applicable law.