Online payments for travel agencies


Tourism industry in Azerbaijan has been growing rapidly and all seasons attract tourists. So, Epoint has innovative platform, offering comprehensive e-commerce services tailored specifically to this sector. With its user-friendly interface and wide range of features, Epoint aims to empower businesses and individuals to effortlessly accept payments online. One of the standout features of Epoint is its versatility in accepting payments from different banks. Regardless of the financial institution, users can easily add their business cards and start accepting funds promptly.

Furthermore, Epoint breaks geographical barriers by enabling seamless acceptance of international payments, opening doors to a global customer base for businesses in Azerbaijan. In addition to its impressive payment capabilities, Epoint offers an invoicing feature, allowing users to effortlessly create and send invoices to their clients, streamlining the payment process even further.

The launch of Epoint comes as a boon to the trouism industry, providing a much-needed solution for businesses looking to enhance their online presence and expand their customer reach. With its comprehensive suite of e-commerce services, Epoint is set to revolutionise the way travel-related transactions are conducted in Azerbaijan.