How do bloggers make money?



1. Advertising. (30-40% of income)

Bloggers who use platforms like Google AdSense or work directly with clients can create ad integrations on their sites.

2. Monetization. (5%+ of income)

Various streaming platforms offer ways to monetize the most popular bloggers. In particular, the "YouTube Partner Program" allows you to start earning from 1000 or more subscribers with 4000 hours of viewing in the last 12 months.

3. Affiliate marketing. (10-20% of income)

By posting links to resources and services of the customer on his channel. By referring subscribers to these services, "Bloggers" receive a commission for products sold through this traffic.

4. Integrations. (15-20% of income)

More popular "authorities" participate in publications on advertisers' channels. Such integrations allow the client to promote themselves more, sell their services and products.

5. Donations. (English donations) (can be up to 50% of total income)

Live broadcasts, special content, recordings on the channel, and it's also easy to support the channel with donations. Donations are a way in which a viewer can directly support a blogger with real money in exchange for certain content, services, or content development goals. Epoint is the most convenient way to create a payment channel for donations. 3 minutes to register, a personalized page on, the ability to receive and track payments in real time, as well as a simple but feature-rich report.