Take Off winners in Baku are Recepta, Epoint.az and Co Print


The Take Off Startup Summit, organized since 2018, was held this year for the first time in the capital of Azerbaijan, Baku.

The summit, which took place at the Baku Crystal Hall on May 26-28, brought together many international startups, international technology leaders, global investors and multinational companies that have found their place in the ecosystem.

In the competition, held as part of the Take Off summit, 292 applications from 32 countries were registered, later 50 startups from 7 countries were selected to participate in the competition. Startups that successfully passed the preliminary assessment managed to complete the master class 1 month before the event.

In total, 75 startup presentations, more than 100 B2B meetings, 7 speakers and experts took place during the Take Off summit. A reward of $30,000 has been awarded.

Startups that got places.

• First place went to Recepta, a US-origin receipt management platform that consolidates all banking and credit transactions in one place,

• Epoint.az, headquartered in Azerbaijan, is actively engaged in digital payments and e-commerce for small and medium businesses, ranked second

• Third place was awarded to Co Print, based in Turkey, which continues its activities with a multifilament 3D printing module.

In addition to all this, 6 Azerbaijani startups won the right to join the acceleration program, which will be held in Istanbul by the T3 startup center.


TEKNOFEST Azerbaijan Take Off, which took place in Baku, will return to Turkey in October and will be organized in Istanbul. Take Off Istanbul has begun accepting registrations of startups and mentors from the takeoffistanbul.com platform.