Azer Turk Bank

Azer Turk Bank ASC is one of the leading banks in Azerbaijan, with a rich history and diverse range of services. Established in 1995, the bank aims to provide high-quality financial services to both corporate and individual clients.


The main activities of the bank include opening bank accounts, providing loans, attracting deposits, international payments, electronic banking services, and much more. Thanks to its extensive branch network and the use of modern technologies, Azer Turk Bank ensures convenience and accessibility for its clients.

Azer Turk Bank is a partner of Baku Interbank Currency Exchange, Azerbaijan Banks Association, MasterCard International payment system, the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications (SWIFT), the Azerbaijan Government Payment Portal, Western Union, UPT, Contact, Monex international money transfer systems and is one of the shareholders of the Baku Stock Exc

The bank also actively participates in social and economic projects aimed at developing the banking industry and supporting economic growth in the country. Striving for innovation and continuous improvement, Azer Turk Bank remains a reliable and trusted partner for all its clients.