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BA in Psychology.


"Содействие" Educational Research and Development Center - INTEGRATIVE CONSULTING AND PROFESSIONAL COACHING


Consultant Accreditation Certificate - Professional Psychotherapeutic League



       Psychotherapy Information Agreement


Voluntary informed consent of the client for psychological counseling

Psychological counseling and psychotherapy (in the sense of the psychological tradition) is a special type of relationship established according to certain rules. Please familiarize yourself with the text below. Here I am talking about the rules of therapy.


Hereafter, "psychotherapy" is used to mean both psychotherapy and psychological counseling.



I. Non-Disclosure of Your Identity


I cannot disclose your identity as a customer (customer) to anyone except as stated below:


If I believe that you are at significant risk of suicide during therapy, I reserve the right to search for people around you (using legitimate social networks and search engines) and warn them that your life is in danger. I reserve the right to take other legal steps to protect your life.


2. Prohibition of bilateral relations


I do not provide you with any services other than psychological services, I do not receive any services from you, I do not intentionally communicate with you outside of psychotherapy, I do not engage in sexual or romantic relationships with you during therapy, and for at least 3 years after the service ends.


3. Prohibition of harassment


In keeping with the psychologist's professional code, I am not interested in your personality, life, or environment outside of therapy. I do not study your profiles on social networks or professional communities. I do not comment on your posts that are open to me.



4. If, during the course of therapy, I learn from you that your actions pose a threat to the life of a third party, and I thereby assess these risks as significant, I will take measures to protect that third party, including. I reserve the right to inform that person and his relatives about the danger posed by you.


Please note that such disclosure of privacy in order to protect your life and the lives of others is determined by the laws of the Republic of Azerbaijan.


If I take any of the actions listed above, I keep notes describing the actions I took and their consequences. These records are available to you, law enforcement, Guardianship and Guardianship for the evaluation of my actions

and will be presented to the professional psychological community.


5. Please note that if we happen to meet on the street or in a public place, since I do not have the right to disclose the fact that you are going to psychotherapy, it will be as if we do not know each other. You have the right to approach me at your request and publicize the fact of meeting and working with me.



6. The conditions for opening the "Psychological assistance" Case mean that I, as your psychologist, discuss with you my difficulties in working with you in the professional circle of supervision psychologists (discussing work with older and more experienced colleagues). The control does not reveal the identity of the customers and the details that could allow to know the customer in real life, the work is described in general terms.

If I want to publish a description of our work, I will additionally contact you, and if I can do so, you must let me know on what terms you will decide on your part.


7. Completion of counseling / psychotherapy

You have the right to stop therapy at any time you see fit, without any additional conditions.


For my part, I suggest setting up several appointments and debriefing to complete the psychotherapy process. This will help make the process of completing psychotherapy smoother and safer for you.


Rules of communication


1. If you have any questions about the therapy process between sessions, please use email, my email address is listed on the last page.

2. Please do not contact me from social networks and messengers other than those mentioned.

Azerbaijan Bakı, Caspian Plaza
Activity start date: