Toghrul Beylar - Interview with the Sales Manager of the company


We met with Toghrul Beylar, Sales Manager of "Global Innovations" company, discussed his participation in the "Epoint" project and the difficulties faced by an experienced specialist in the local market.

“I have carried out the corporate sale of the project I represent, since November 2021” “Difficulty... My only difficulty is that there is a lack of awareness in the current market, the lack of online payment, buying and selling knowledge of both entrepreneurs and users creates certain difficulties in our work” “However, we are trying our best to promote online payment culture in our country. Our people have been interested in online shopping for recent years. Our desire and goal are to introduce this system to our people on a large scale” “The main nuance that I always prefer is teamwork. In general, team spirit is very important” “It's a great feeling to enjoy the work you do, to be happy together with the team, because just faith takes the work done and the team to the top”